MT5+ Mul-t-lock Cylinder High security 66mm 33+33mm thumbturn euro —5 Keys —


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MT5+ Mul-t-lock Cylinder High security 66mm 33+33mm NEWEST-MODEL +5 keysMul t lock mt5 cylinder lockEuro profile 33+33mm5 keys (with thumbturn)DESCRIPTION:MUL T LOCK MT5+ DOOR LOCK CYLINDER 62MM  BEST QULITY & SECURITYCylindre 2 entrées MT5 Varié Nickelé Mul-T-LockBOX CONTENT:mt5 cylinder key operations from both sides—–5 keys—-included—–Magnetic key cardColored key head insert1 fiting ScrewTHE NEW GENERATION OF HIGH SECURITYEURO PROFILE -MT5+ Cylinder 66mm 33X33  thumbturn Cylinder Lock Model MT5+A cylinder, MT5 from Mul-T is a new generation confidenceand a high degree of the oncylindersMt5 cylinder mechanism includes three separate systems are synchronized whenThe same time in order to give the best protection.In addition comes the cylinder, the MT5 with a card duplication very difficult duplication duplication / copying without cardThe key automatically replicated accurately and maintainingThe highest level of security.Cylinder mt5, including a Finnish advanced eccentric and Spring Alpha patented innovativeDebtors align simultaneously along the musk to the drum can turn around.There is also a cylinder, it sank in the form of a snake which align cleared finger along the musk that locking boltReleased and the drum can turn around.Spring alpha works interact with eccentric pin in the cylinder, creating a new interface.Cylinder mt5, safe drilling.Mt5 cylinder, comes with three keys, cards and replication control screw.  Mt5 cylinder, designed for those high security level is important to him both the private and business sectorAnd Unique precision quality for who want to sleep peacefully.MUL-T-LOCK MT5+ CYLINDERMT5+Mul-T-Lock’s MT5, the 5th generation patented state-of-the-art High Security cylinder platform, with built-in experience of 3 decades, features an advanced security concept that combines several powerful elements: the patented Alpha Spring located at the tip of the key, a magnetic key duplication card, and a dedicated computerized key-cutting machine – the KC5.All combined, these features enable millions of possible combinations, extensive master-keying capabilities, keyway exclusivity for dealers, and automatic cutting of large key series.The MT5’s breakthrough features include:Patented security: the innovative Alpha Spring at the tip of the MT5 key – with a patent that expires only in 2025, engages a unique pin at the rear of the locking mechanism, to create an additional shear line.KC5 – a dedicated key cutting machine: the MT5 platform is supported by the super-smart newly developedCylindre 2 entrées MT5 Varié Nickelé Mul-T-LockMultilock, Mul-t-lock, Multi Lock,

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