Evva 31+46 mm FPS Cylinder Door Lock cog wheel thumb-turn

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EVVA FPS Cylinder

DZ Double Cylinder 31+46 mm

5 keys included!

ZR10 cog-wheel cam (10 teeth) 
The cylinder is designed for multi-point locks or 
special mortise locks that are operated
via a gear ring or a toothed rack.

Picking and scanning protection

Picking protection impedes picking or scanning the lock cylinders. The FPS cylinder is protected from picking and scanning with specially shaped mushroom pins.

Drilling protection

Hardened steel elements as standard for protection against drilling.

Take the extra security step by the EVVA security card.

The FPS cylinder

FPS features a pin tumbler system with five or six active, spring-loaded scanning elements. 

The authorization features on the FPS key is verified in the lock cylinder – on two security levels: the patented key profile system and the solid locking pins. 

FPS cylinders are exclusively manufactured in compact design.

The FPS key

FPS keys are made of durable nickel silver and stand out thanks to their protected, overlapping key profile. 

This makes them wear-resistant and durable. 

The intersecting profile makes keys even more secure and reduces the risk of illegal duplicate keys.

Evva fps cylinder 31 k46 ni akn mit rastbohrung

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