Fingerprint Reader FOR Mul-T-Lock ENTR Lock "ONLY THE BIO-METRIC UNIT"


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Mul-T-Lock ENTR Remote control blank remote control Mul T lock OriginalMul-T-Lock ENTR fingerprint or code Mul T lock Originalfingerprint unit only !!!NOT THE LOCKbuyers please notice:price only for fingerprint should have the “entr lock unit” already installed on your doorFunction Of the readerThe fingerprint gives users more control and functionalityallowing them to use either anauthorized fingerprint or code to unlock their doors.The device supports up to 20 users.The master user can define schedules for use, edit thedefined users and review entryrecords on the LED screen.ApplicationENTR™ is ideal for both residential and office use. The ENTR™ Fingerprint Reader allows usersto unlock their doors by simply inputting their personal authorization code or by sliding a finger.Features• Supports up to 20 users, with two that can be defined as administrators• Easy to install – no drilling or wiring• Battery operated – 2xAA• Secure wireless communication between system elements via AES128 encryption standard• Easy management using an OLED screen and navigation panel• Indications: LED indications:–Lock / unlock successful,–Lock / unlock failed–Low battery–Door unit’s hazard indicationSpecificationsBattery Type 2X AA AlkalineCommunication Frequency (between the 2.4 GHz door unit and credentials)Dimensions 140 mm x 50 mm x 40 mmWeight 160gOperating Temperature -20°C ~ +60°CProtection Rating IP55                                                                                        ​​​​​​​

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