MUL-T-LOCK INTERACTIVE+ LONG SHACKLE PADLOCK 16 C-Series high security 16mm 5/8


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BEST PRICE- GREAT PADLOCKIncludes 3 interactive keys and key duplication cardGIANT MUL-T-LOCK PADLOCK LONG SHACKLEnew Interactive®+16 C-Series high security padlock 16mm 5/8″ removable shackle 4 inch shackleInteractive®+NEW ADVANCED SECURITY PLATFORMMul-T-Lock’s Interactive+ key system addresses High Security concerns while responding to functional needs.Building on four decades of extensive experience and the Interactive® key system’s proven technology and global success, Interactive+ utilizes patent-pending technology for enhanced High Security.Mul-T-Lock’s patented High Security Interactive platform raises the user’s level of security to new heights, thanks to several special features:A spring-loaded pin placed inside the cylinder plug, which produces a “virtual combination” when the key with the floating pin is inserted.Mul-T-Lock’s unique telescopic pin tumbler mechanism, with internal and external pins – requiring the simultaneous alignment of both internal and external shear lines for the plug to rotate.A specially designed plug, which forms a spherical, 3-dimensional shear line with the top and bottom pins, within the cylinder body.Key limitation is ensured by the patented key and key blank, supplied together with a coded Mul-T-Lock key card in every Interactive package. Additional keys may be cut by authorized Mul-T-Lock dealers, upon presentation of the key card – in accordance with Mul-T-Lock’s official key cutting procedures.Steel inserts with high drill resistanceHigh pick and bumping resistanceOptional side and back pins, specially suited for master key systems.The Interactive platform meets the requirements of some of the most stringent European and American standards.The Interactive platform is retro-compatible with the Mul-T-Lock Classic platform, allowing the upgrading of existing locks from Classic to Interactive High attention : interactive platformThe C-Series Line of MUL-T-LOCK Padlocks is designed to offer Patented High Security Key Control and Strong Physical Protection to Padlock Security.All C-Series Padlocks are made with a hardened steel body shell, and a hardened steel shackle.ApplicationHigh security padlock, for general use with Mul-T-Lock® hasps or shackle protectors.OperationUnlocking with 55˚-65˚ key rotation.MaterialsShell: Hardened Steel.Core: Black Plated Solid Brass.Shackle: Hardened Boron Alloy Steel.Additional FeaturesProtective shutter to prevent dust contamination. Drainage holes to prevent freezing.Cylinder MechanismMul-T-Lock® unique high precision 10 telescopic pin tumbler system.UL437 High security drill, pick and bump resistant cylinder KeysReversible Nickel Silver key with plastic key head and colored insert for identification.

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