Mul-T-Lock High security padlock Interactive Plus C10,C13,C16




Sleep Better with Mul-T-Lock Interactive plus – padlocks!

Best & Up To Date security!

Included 3 keys for each padlock – Or 

Total of 3 keys when keyed alike – for all purchased padlocks at one order!

At least 1 duplication card included.

Additional Keys can be purchased!

If keyed alike purchased -packages will be open to do the service!

Mul-T-Lock Interactive plus Advanced technology the new generation of padlocks

All C-Series Padlocks are made with a hardened steel body shell, and a hardened shackle.

Saw,drill,pick,bump resistant!

Your locks we be keyed alike only if  apply and payed with this listing otherwise -we ship keyed different!


High security padlock, for general use with Mul-T-Lock® hasps or shackle protectors.


Unlocking with 55˚-65˚ key rotation.


Shell: Hardened Steel.

Core: Black Plated Solid Brass.

Shackle: Hardened Boron Alloy Steel.

Additional Features

Protective shutter to prevent dust contamination. 

Drainage holes to prevent freezing.

Cylinder Mechanism

Mul-T-Lock® unique high precision 10 telescopic pin tumbler system.

UL437 High security drill, pick and bump resistant cylinder Keys

Reversible Nickel Silver key with plastic key head and colored insert for identification

Provides resistance to picking, drilling, bumping and other forms 

of lock manipulation but does not offer patent protected keys.

This  padlock with protection against unauthorized key duplication!!! 

you get it with interactiveּ+ code id card 

it  protect from unauthorized key duplication!!!  

Buy the interactiveּ+  platform padlocks for enhance security. 

Additional information

Weight 1.36 kg


Country/Region of Manufacture


Mul-T-lock Interactive Padlock

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